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Canary Wharf couple take on Bucks house project!

The Initial Enquiry
Our clients were referred to us by previous clients who moved out of London with us 5 years ago and they were keen to replicate the lifestyle. The couple were looking for a detached house with three or more bedrooms within walking distance to the station and a decent garden. Both worked in financial jobs in the City so a good commute was paramount. There were also family links in Oxford so this area of Bucks was an ideal location.

How we helped
We focused on commuter routes to narrow down which towns would best serve their needs. The couple were keen to explore Amersham and Beaconsfield as both have excellent links and lively town centres. We took them out on a familiarisation tour so they could see they type of housing that they could buy for their budget in addition to the preferred roads and styles of housing. During the tour the couple realised that they would be open to a challenge and would consider a project. Our local knowledge meant that we were aware of a probate sale for a period property in a quiet residential area yet within walking distance of the train station and shops one way and rolling countryside the other way. Beaconsfield ticked all the boxes and so did this property.

Problems we faced
Given the potential for this property there were a lot of competitive bids but with our expert advice we were delighted that our clients got their offer accepted. When probate is involved, the process can often be quite lengthy given the time required for probate to be granted – so a lot of patience was also needed. During the survey asbestos was discovered and we arranged for an expert to ascertain whether it was limited to a small area of whether it was a greater issue which may have an impact on the purchase. Luckily this was only a minor hurdle and something that could be readily rectified.

We are delighted that our client’s search has resulted in a home that ticked all the boxes: location, a house with potential, great garden and within a cosmopolitan town. Chiltern Relocation organised a range of auxiliary services to ensure that this project would be successful including: surveyors, architects, asbestos removal, project manager and plumbers. The couple look forward to living in the house whilst waiting for plans to be drawn up and approved and then the transformation can begin!

“Chiltern Relocation’s help has been instrumental in our search. Not only did they organise the orientation tour which familiarised us with the different options in the area, they also pre-screened potential properties on our behalf which means we only had to spend viewing time on a short list of suitable properties. To work around our busy work schedule, the viewings were organised on weekends which was a way more efficient use of our time. Sharon also provided valuable and insightful advice on the different properties to help us evaluate them. While we had started looking for properties ready to move in, we decided in the end to take on a project; again Sharon helped us envision the potentials of the property and guided us through different aspects of the project. We are really excited about having a place of our own that will be truly special to us”.

Sharon Hewitt

Sharon Hewitt