Chiltern Relocation


Relocating from San Diego to Cirencester

The initial enquiry

Relocating from San Diego to Cirencester. We were recently contacted by a pharmaceutical company who needed to relocate their employee from San Diego to Cirencester. We arranged a meeting with the client via Skype before their arrival to fully understand their brief so as to maximise our time with them – in this case just three days. Our client and his wife flew over for a whistle stop tour to familiarise themselves with the area, research housing options and look at local schools.  As often is the case with these relocations the schooling needs to be researched before the housing options due to the importance of finding a well-rated school and ascertaining whether there is space. All too often we get asked for help from people who have fallen in love with a house but cannot get their child into the local primary school or they are unhappy with the catchment school on offer.

How we helped

Getting to know the area, we arranged for the couple to be given a tour of three excellently rated primary schools in beautiful villages on the outskirts of Cirencester.  Once they had seen the schools, and we had ensured that places would be available, the viewings could begin.  We showed the couple a range of family housing options from cottages to modern homes. The couple were not due to relocate for a couple of months so it was too early to choose a rental house but they returned to San Diego happy that so much had been achieved in such a short space of time: they had found schools that they liked, they had researched housing options and they had familiarised themselves with the local area.

The problems we faced

Decisions from San Diego With their move date approaching the house hunt needed to start however the couple would not be able to spare time for another trip.  Having spent time with the couple our agent in Cirencester fully understood their requirements so that he was confident with his recommendations. He visited a number of options on their behalf and took many photos and video footage to really capture the feel of each option and then discussed each one with them via Skype.   The couple soon found a house that they loved within walking distance of a great local school. We arranged for all the paperwork to be taken care of including the new all-important right to rent checks.


Extra assistance required Chiltern Relocation went on to assist with a furniture rental package given it would take six weeks for their furniture to arrive.  We were delighted to receive this testimonial from our client and to hear that the family has settled in well.

‘We have been very happy with our relocation assistance and feel that we are in a good position to thrive while here on assignment. You and your associates have been quick to respond and have offered very good advice. We appreciate your kind and thorough service.’


Sharon Hewitt

Sharon Hewitt