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Moscow family fall in love with Hertfordshire

Home search Moscow to Hitchin.

Initial Enquiry
We received a call from an HR Director of a US clothing company who needed to relocate a new employee and his family from Moscow in order to start a new job with the company in January. We sent the assignee our questionnaire and arranged a Skype call to discuss the move, visas, location options, the type and the style of property they preferred within the budget. We arranged a visit subject to visas coming through. Many of our assignees are concerned about schooling and we understood the importance of focusing on an area that worked well for nursery education in addition to future schooling for the assignee’s family.

How we helped
Once the visa was approved we arranged for a two day visit with Anne, our excellent neighbourhood specialist, who showed the assignees St Albans, Harpenden and Hitchin areas. The schedule was adapted to accommodate their two year old child and frequent stops were pencilled in. During the Viewing Day they were shown around the area as well and viewing 19 homes which really helped the family to select the best option in terms of location, home and commute. They also had time for a quick visit to John Lewis to look at the cost of furniture so see if it was more cost effective to ship or buy new.

Problems we faced
Delays with the visa was an issue as often is the case in Russia and we had to reschedule the homesearch visit a couple of times. We also had the age-old problem of needing a bank account before being able to rent a home and you can’t rent a home without a bank account. We have processes in place to assist with setting up a bank account to avoid this conundrum which helps the homesearch conclude smoothly.

The focus of the research started in St Albans as this was the client’s first choice having conducted some research from Moscow. As their knowledge of other areas increased they realised Hitchin offered them the best option with an easy commute, an attractive town, parks, great schooling and the feeling of being part of a community.
Below are the client’s comments:

We are very pleased with the service provided by Chiltern Relocation. As we were moving into UK without any decent knowledge about the country, Chiltern Relocation guided us through the whole process and made it so smooth and pleasant. There fantastic connections with all required organisations and services, while their local agent Sue was very knowledgeable and insightful about different areas in UK which makes it so much easier to look out for your place to settle. Apart from that, I was really impressed by the level of personal approach from Chiltern Relocation. We were moving in with our 2 year child. They made sure that every aspect of family related needs ware taken into account at all stages of our move.
Notably, while I was planning the move I knew about several stages of it that could be very complicated in UK. You can be confident that with Chiltern Relocation you won’t face them at all…

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