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5 Reasons why using a Relocation Agent can save you money.

How can a Relocation Agent actually save you money?

Historically those seeking out a ‘house hunter’ were cash rich and time poor and in need of delegating to a relocation expert. While this is certainly the case for high flying exec’s and corporate clients who need assistance with their move there is a whole other demographic now reaching out for professional home finding help as they understand the investment in a relocation agent will actually save them money.

When people use a relocation agent it is usually at one of two stages. Either at the beginning of their search as many who simply aspire ‘to move out of London’ yet have little idea as to the best area to move to, what they can get for their budget, what the schooling is like, what the commuting options are and what style of house they like. Alternatively, people get in touch having already done a lot of the groundwork themselves only to keep missing out on their desired properties.

Here are Chiltern Relocation’s top five reasons how we can save you money:Plan with a key and a key ring of a house laid on top

1. Making sure you buy the right property first time around
Often people fall in love with the dream of moving without fully researching the implications of the move and six months down the line find that commuting, schooling and location is just not suitable.

2. Local Market Intelligence. We ensure you make sure you are buying in the right location at the right price. Moving to the wrong side of town or over-paying due to lack of local knowledge is something we often witness.

3. Local Knowledge. This not only applies to finding the best location to suit you and your family but also our local links with estate agents. We are the first call from agents when a new property comes to the market as they know we have committed buyers. A large number of homes are also sold ‘off market’ and we get access to these gems.

4. Looking at the property as a long-term purchase. We understand not only what is needed now but what will be needed in 5- 7 10 years’ time. We understand the needs of a growing family. It is difficult to imagine your toddler going to secondary school but by buying the right home in the right location at the early stages it will pay huge dividends later on thereby saving the additional move costs and/or need to re-establish yourself in a new community.

5. Excellent negotiating skills. We know what price should be paid for properties and how to best negotiate. We are also very experienced in the sealed bid process. Estate agents and vendors know that our buyers are committed as they have taken the time effort and cost to secure our services. This classes you as serious buyers and in a very strong position if you are up against other buyers.

As one of our recent clients once commented: If you’re trying to find the perfect property in the Chilterns, you can spend hundreds of hours learning the turf, or simply get Chiltern Relocation on board. I could not have found somewhere quicker or better, or had a better understanding of the local market to guide me through the purchase. Fabulous result, thank you team.

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