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Moving back to the UK from Dubai

  • 6th November 2019

Moving back to the UK from Dubai – repatriation is challenging see our guide below:

dubai boat with skyscrapers behindHere at Chiltern Relocation we have witnessed an increase in the number of clients moving back to London and other parts of UK following a posting in Dubai. Dubai has changed enormously in the past 10 -15 years..

The economy has doubled in the past 10 years, and diversified away from its dependence on oil, making significant progress in the health and education industries. Of course the tourist industry is also one of the major bonuses for economy and the fact Dubai is seen as the ultimate shopping destination.Dubia

Many UK nationals moved to Dubai 20 – 30 years ago on generous packages to kick start many of these industries but are now finding that employers have a wealth of candidates to choose from (without needing to support private schooling, clubs and expensive rent payments). A large international pool of employees have moved here keen to make the most of the rapidly expanding economy. As an expat in Dubai, you are definitely not in the minority; a whopping 80% of the population are expats!

With such a burst in the country’s wealth and high competition for jobs it has meant that many expat’s feel that their work in Dubai is done and they are keen to repatriate to the UK to complete schooling and work towards European universities. If your are moving back from Dubai we have compiled checklist for families taking the leap.

Moving Back to the UK Checklist:
• Organise a reputable international removal firm
• Open a UK bank account
• Organise the rental/purchase of your UK home
• Register for Tax in the UK
• Register your children at a UK schools
• Transfer your pension back to the UK
• Change your Driving Licence for a UK one
• Organise utilities connection
• Register for Council Tax and onto the electoral roll
• Collate all health and dentistry records from your present home country
• Finalise all paperwork in the country you are leaving
• Pay all outstanding bills, taxes, fines

cotswold cottagesWith so many things on the tick list for a successful relocation it can seem overwhelming. Here at Chiltern Relocation we can assist with many of the items on the above list – not just the house rentalLondon terrace of houses or purchase. We can also assist with finding school places and working out the best commuting options. We can assist with removals, utilities connection in addition to providing an information pack for everything you need to know about your new area.

Dubai is highly cosmopolitan with visible international influences in the food, lifestyle and even architectural areas and with expats making up the 80% of the population, our clients often comment that slotting back into UK life can seem challenging. We can also help with ‘Repatriation courses’ and our clients are delighted as to how much they gain from the session.

If you are thinking about making the move back to the UK and need some further guidance please call us on 01494 672086 or visit or email

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