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‘Right to Rent’, New laws apply from 1st Feb 2016.

  • 26th January 2016

From 1st February 2016 the law will require all agents/private landlords to conduct immigration status checks as the government puts in place new systems to stop illegal immigrants being able to rent property.

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A penalty of up to £3000 can be imposed on landlords who fail to undertake these checks or who rent a property to a person whose immigration status means that they do not have a ‘right to rent’.

The practical implication of this change in legislation means that negotiators at letting agencies will be checking that potential applicants have the correct documentation at the time of the viewing. They will also require that all the correct documentation is present when signing the tenancy agreement.

So what will agents /landlords be checking?
Original documents showing the right to be in the UK:
• A UK passport
• An EE/EEA passport or identity card or permanent residence card
• A travel document showing indefinite leave to remain(ILR)
• A visa if applicable
• A Home Office immigration status document or a certificate of registration/naturalisation as British citizen

insid of an old British passport

Most importantly the applicant needs to be physically present for the passport check and in possession of the original documents as scans or pdf’s will not be accepted. Copies of all the documents will also be retained.

Additional requirements are as follows:

• Importantly the obligation is not limited to the individual whose name is on the lease all occupants will need to  undergo the checks
• The obligation does not apply to temporary rentals of three months or less (e.g. holiday accommodation)
• Occupiers who sublet are also required to undertake checks
• No keys will be released until the agents/landlords are satisfied that all the necessary checks have been carried out

Visa Application is currently PENDING.
If you would like further information regarding these changes please do get in touch with Chiltern Relocation via email or call 01494672086.

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