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Chiltern Relocation Health Check – Independant view of our services.

Here at Chiltern Relocation we are always keen to receive feedback regarding our service to make sure that we are 100% delivering on the service we provide. During our annual review we were introduced to KyteMark – a research based company who provide a range of independent market research services.  Always keen to constantly improve our service we enlisted their help. KyteMark would be able to offer insights into our customer relations that we were unable to do ourselves.

What did KyteMark do?

We provided KyteMark with a number of contacts who would be happy to chat about the service they had received from Chiltern Relocation.  They set about interviewing our customers in depth to find out: what made them decide to engage Chiltern Relocation, the service received and who else they thought might benefit from our services.

What did we discover?

By talking to our clients KyteMark were able to confirm that our policies and processes were being well delivered and well received.  On speaking to Global Heads of Mobility, KyteMark was also able to help identify potential new customers for Chiltern Relocation – word of mouth being one of the best referral tools in the business.

We were delighted to hear the following feedback regarding our service, especially from the network of high net worth individuals with whom we have worked:

“Chiltern Relocation is my go-to company for any relocation in the Home Counties”.

“Chiltern Relocation provides such a high standard of care.”

“Whenever a very high degree of care, expertise or service is needed, I call Chiltern Relocation.”

“Chiltern Relocation is always very responsive…offering extra advice over and above their core services.”

Going forward

Following the research carried out and feedback we have made the following changes:

  • Created new videos for the website
  • Progressed leads identified via the interviews
  • Re-engaged existing customers with the information gained from the research

Of the experience Sharon commented:

“KyteMark’s comprehensive research has given us so much more confidence as a company. We are now sure about what we do well and have already taken steps to improve our offering, which we think will be of huge benefit to our future growth”.

For more information regarding KyteMark’s research services click here


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Sharon Hewitt

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