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Dream family home secured in Golden Triangle with very precise wish list

The Initial Enquiry

When you know you know. Estate agents claim that most house hunters make up their mind about a potential house within the first minute of setting foot inside and for our clients this was certainly the case. We had been approached by a couple, already resident in Beaconsfield, wishing to purchase a property with very precise requirements:
•A character home
•Walking distance of Beaconsfield train station
•Prefer ½ acre garden
•Ideally one of SIX roads within Beaconsfield’s Golden Triangle
•A vendor who wanted to preserve the character of their home

How we helped

For those who know Beaconsfield, the roads in the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ are in very high demand and come with a price tag. Developers and builders are all over any house sale in this area given the rich rewards in knocking down the incumbent property and replacing it with two or sometimes three executive homes with four floors including gyms and cinema rooms in the basement. This was exactly the type of house that our clients wanted to avoid but with more and more vendors succumbing to inflated offers for their land it meant fewer homes with original charm and character remained.

House under construction crop

Mega Builds

The Problems we Faced

For any potential property which fitted the criteria we were up against many developers and builders with deep pockets. Even with a generous budget our clients would be outpriced in this way which turned our search into a personal one where the focus for potential vendors was on the buyers desire to preserve the character of the house.

We were fortunate enough to find vendors for a prime property which fitted all the requirements in addition to the most important one of all. Falling in love with the house with the sun streaming in the many box bay windows. Once our clients had viewed this particular home their hearts were set on it. The house had buckets of character features including servant bells in the rooms, fireplaces in the bedrooms, beautiful parquet flooring and an overgrown lawned tennis court with stone benches for spectators.

Our clients had two young boys and they were very clear that they would not knock the house down and that any extension work would be truly sympathetic. The vendors accepted our clients offer but the sale quickly had the brakes put on when the vendor’s onward purchase fell through. Undeterred our clients sat tight in the hope that the vendors would secure another home and the sale would be back on.


Best part of the job!


Months and months passed with no progress. Our clients continued to look at other properties but their hearts were set on this one. The call came some five months after the original offer had been accepted – the vendors were ready to sell and would go into rented accommodation if necessary. We arranged for our clients to revisit the house again after so much time had passed. This was only the second time they had viewed the property and it confirmed that it was the one for them. Chiltern Relocation arranged for all the necessary signed documents to be delivered to the solicitors in time for exchange to take place that very same day.

This has to be one of the most exciting conclusions to a house purchase and one of the most rewarding. Clients comments below:

“I cannot recommend Chiltern Relocation highly enough. They did a fantastic job throughout the uncomfortably lengthy process of helping us find our perfect property, where our criteria were unhelpfully specific. Sharon’s role varied wildly between negotiator, sleuth, counsellor and expert. There is simply no way we would have bought the house we did were it not for Chiltern Relocation’s involvement. For that, my wife and I say: “thank you, thank you!”

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