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Eight secrets to finding the perfect home rental…

laptop hand pad pen iphoneSurprisingly, the search criteria for a rental home is often far more specific than that for a new home purchase. Those looking to rent are usually after a property in a specific location, often close to specific schools and the train station, with modern décor and parking. Here are Chiltern Relocation’s top tips to securing the ideal rental.

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1. Speak regularly to the letting agent – so many people just wait for the Rightmove/ search engine notification updates and think that is enough. A huge percentage of rental homes do not make it to the search engines because the lettings staff often have someone on their books in mind when they go to value the property. Make sure you are that person.
2. Act fast when the agent calls to say they are taking on a flat/house – you need to show the agent that you are keen. It is worth meeting the agent even if the house/flat is not right as it will help the agent understand exactly what you are looking for.
3. Don’t dismiss a house/flat if it is unfurnished and you want furnished, . If you require unfurnished then consider renting furniture or ask if the landlord if they will furnish, worth asking the question anyway. The same goes for if you want furnished. Often the landlord will consider furnishing with property to secure a long term lease.
4. The letting agent has a huge influence over which tenant to recommend so do your best to be accommodating to secure the rental.
Happy group of friends talking and having fun outdoors5. Always ask what is coming up for renewal. Letting agents normally know at least two months in advance when a rental will hit the market. So ask if anything will be coming up that fits your requirements and keep the contact up to capitalise on this.
6. When using search engine notifications always set the maximum price criteria higher than your budget. Many people do not think to do this and there is often room to manoeuvre on price – this way you won’t miss out on all possible options.
7. Look at the home sales market for equivalent sized properties. See if there are any that have been on the market for a while. If approached with a tempting rental offer a seller will often consider renting rather than selling their property.
8. Spread the word. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a rental property. Email friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and you never know what connections you can uncover!

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