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Falling in love with an area with musical overtones

Luxury family room with grand piano and fireplaceIn our business we find that people fall in love with properties for a wide range of reasons. Some people fall in love with an area due to its proximity to good schools and commuting options, others due to easy access to great cycling networks and others simply because it is a few minutes’ walk to Waitrose.

We follow our client’s briefs and aim to match their criteria as closely as possible to the desired area and house style.  However we were thrown slightly off tempo this week when a client in the music industry spotted a piano shop whilst we were driving to our next house viewing.

Luckily we had time in the viewing schedule to visit the shop for a quick look around.  We are always very aware that each client has very personal tastes and requirements and we do not use a ‘one size fits all approach’.  On this occasion we were certainly intrigued by our client’s interest.  On stepping inside the wonderful Countrywide Pianos shop our client made a beeline for a £43,000 Yamaha Disklavier piano and sat down to play.  He became so immersed in the music and the instrument and it was a privilege to witness such an extraordinary interlude in the middle of our viewing schedule! We spent quite some time enjoying the pianos and talking to the staff and our client left uplifted.

As a result of the visit to the piano shop, our client has reviewed his house viewing criteria and he has fallen in love with the area.  So it just goes to show that you never can tell what will be the deciding factor when moving house and often the answer is not the one you expected!

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Sharon Hewitt

Sharon Hewitt

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