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‘We had tough criteria for finding ideal home’

The Initial Enquiry

Finding their ‘forever’ family home in one of the picturesque villages south of Oxford was the remit for this family. They had been hunting for some time without success and it was made more difficult by the fact that Mrs K was pregnant, they had a two year old and Mr K ran his own business which had great demands on his time.

How we helped

The family were renting in Oxfordshire and were after a home which had character and was big enough to accommodate their growing family and they didn’t mind a project. They shortlisted a number of potential villages south of Oxford – where suitable family homes rarely change hands. The couple had been hunting for over a year time when they got Chiltern Relocation on board and they had missed out on a number of properties. With such a specific remit we shortlisted potential properties and found a house that would be a project for them.

The Problems we faced

The house received much interest due to its character and went to the sealed bids. However with our tried and tested method of winning sealed bids we were delighted that the family won the process and their forever home could start to take shape.


The family were delighted to secure the property and to start their project. They were keen to start putting their vision in place for their forever home.

“Chiltern Relocation did a great job for us in finding our family home. With two small children, renting in Oxfordshire, we had tough criteria to find our ideal home for years to come and Sharon was professional and expert throughout. We particularly welcomed her proactive approach including regular progress updates. Sharon seems to have magic ways of gaining access to information that others don’t, and in sealed bid process we embarked on her advice was invaluable in us buying our home at the optimal price”.

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Sharon Hewitt

Sharon Hewitt

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