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HR department asked us for our help with reluctant employee relocation

The Initial Enquiry

Chiltern Relocation feels that our local in depth knowledge and practical understanding of what matters to individuals and families is at the heart of our business. An Uxbridge Software Company approached us, needing help in persuading an employee to move to the UK from Arizona. His wife was pregnant with twins babies together with a two year old and they were reluctant to move.

How we helped

The first orientation trip addressed all the practical issues such as meeting a private doctor, nursery options for the toddler and other local community support systems. We organised driving lessons tailored for driving in the UK. We also took them to John Lewis to understand what furniture packages were available. Once comfortable with the practical elements of the international move, the house viewings could start.

The Problems we faced

In this relocation we were fortunate that the process ran very smoothly. The rental option that we identified for the family ticked all the boxes and their offer was accepted.


The company were delighted that their employee was able to move to their UK office.

“Chiltern Relocation was very helpful in answering questions that we had during our transition from the U.S. to the U.K. They took the time to introduce us to a local doctor for questions regarding the birth of our twin babies, a nursery, and furniture store for needed items in our new home. Thank you”.

Jeremy and Sarina
Philip Cooper

Philip Cooper

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