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Why the run up to Christmas is a good time to house hunt

couple with christmas hats looking at ipadFar from being a bit of a turkey, the lead up to Christmas can be an invaluable time to find your perfect home. If you can commit time and energy to your home search whilst everyone else is busy wrapping presents then you may secure the best present possible – your ideal home at an ideal price.

So why commit to your home search at this hectic time of year?

• Very few people will register with estate agents at this time and therefore you’ll have 100% of their attention
• There is far less competition for available properties as many families postpone their home search to focus on Christmas
• Some vendors have no choice but to sell at this time of year – due to job relocations, family change in circumstances – and are often keen to wrap up a sale quickly
• Your interest will be taken seriously and there is often a chance to manoeuvre on price on houses that need to get a sale in hand before the year end.
• If you secure an offer on a property it is much easier to book removals, surveyors, architects and solicitors as their workload is reduced during this time

Cartoon of house with redroof holding a presentAnd if the right property doesn’t come along pre-Noel the fact that you are taking a keen interest now means that:

• The estate agents already know you and your preferences so you will be in a much stronger position than all the people who register in January
• You get to know what is being lined up for a New Year launch. Estate agents will know which properties will be coming on in January – get to see it first

Our advice is to put the wrapping to one side and make the most of this time of year to find your ideal home. There are deals to be done in the run up to Christmas and focusing on your search now will put you in an excellent position for the New Year rush.

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