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How to successfully relocate corporate executives

In the past ten years Chiltern Relocation has successfully relocated a large number of top level executives, CEO’s and CFO’s from major international corporations and we have learnt a huge amount as to what makes for a swift and successful relocation. Here are our top three tips.

  • Manage expectations

Clients relocating from the USA or Canada are accustomed to a certain type and more importantly certain size of home. North American executives are used to games rooms and gyms in their basements, walk in fridges, walk in wardrobes and large open plan living spaces. Human resources concept in tag cloudThe realisation that the budget (even if generous) will not afford the same size property and style will need to be addressed – tactfully and sensitively – before the search begins.

It is best to have this discussion with the client at the initial stages. Send a link with an example property that fits the criteria in advance of their viewing day. Even if the home has already been let, getting a good idea of a typical British corporate rental is invaluable.

  • Focus on schooling

When relocating families the priority is usually schooling. They need to know about all schooling options:  choice of schools (independent vs state, single sex or co-ed), availability of school places, and location of schools. This is usually the principal concern and until the educationschooling has been secured then the home search cannot get going.  We often find that our American clients like their children to attend an international school for example one of the ACS schools which have a range of locations in the south east: ACS Schools.  American parents may choose to send their children to The American School in England – Tasis – based in Thorpe so proximity to the school will be important The American School in England.  Alternatively if the children are relocating from Germany the family may be interested in the German School based in Richmond Deutsche School

  • Request dedicated time for the search

Allocating the correct amount of time for the search is essential. Ask that clients try to schedule uninterrupted day/s for viewings and area orientation. The UK market moves quickly and in order to make the correct and timely decision and have a range of options to choose from it is key that the client sets aside focused time in order to make the right choice.   The client will be far more productive at work once the housing and schooling is settled.

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