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Notting Hill to Beaconsfield for more family time

The Initial Enquiry

Finding the time to research and view potential homes when you don’t live nearby is one of the main reasons why clients use our service. In this situation the family had one year old twin boys and they were considering a very wide search area.

How we helped

We met the family at their home in London to talk through their search criteria and they cited country homes with acres of land as their preferred option. They were keen to look at a whole range of towns and villages. On our orientation days we covered three counties and explored Thame, Wallingford, Oxford, Henley Amersham amongst others.

The Problems we Faced

The realities of Mr S’s commute into London from a picturesque country home soon changed the focus of our search as they realised that proximity to a good rail line was higher up on the wish list than they had originally anticipated. With a reviewed search brief we looked at a new build in a character style, down a private road in central Beaconsfield. Not only was the station within walking distance but the house was suitably tucked away and overlooking woodland such that the family felt they were in the country but with all the conveniences of Beaconsfield on the doorstep.


We got to view the house before it hit the open market and got an offer accepted promptly (despite there being higher offers) as the vendor knew that our clients were serious and committed buyers in using Chiltern Relocation’s service. The couple realised that the initial orientation days had been essential in clarifying what they were really after and they were very grateful that Chiltern Relocation had steered them gently in the right direction.

With one year old twin boys, we didn’t feel that we would be able to conduct a property search without help. We started our search knowing only that we wanted to relocate from Notting Hill to somewhere west of London which was commutable, but we hadn’t narrowed down our search at all.

A series of day trips with Chiltern Relocation took us to representative properties, mostly in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, both within towns and in more rural locations. This quickly helped us narrow down our choices.

Chiltern Relocation did not push us in any particular direction and they let us make up our own minds. They facilitated the process by listening to our feedback and adjusting the approach as we went along. Pretty soon we had further narrowed our search to Beaconsfield.

We thought we would take some time to find a home but within six weeks we had already found a suitable property and by the beginning of November we put in an offer.

There was added complication as there were several other offers, one higher than ours. As clients of Chiltern Relocation we had more credibility as serious buyers and this, along with their strong local connections, helped ensure that our offer was accepted. This property was sold before it was on the market, so we would almost certainly not even have seen it in time without their involvement.

In my view, there would have been a big opportunity cost if we had made the false economy of deciding that paying a relocation agent in general – and Chiltern Relocation in particular – was too expensive. Our search would probably have lasted much longer and we might have ended up paying more or not securing the property we wanted. It also gave us increased confidence that we were paying the right price for the property and for us it seems odd not to seek professional advice when making a financial commitment of this size.


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