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Life after London – the PROS and CONS of making the move

  • A bigger home,
  • excellent schooling options
  • and green space are the three main reasons that our clients cite as to why they want to make the move out of London. However, alongside the excitement of setting up a new life there is always concern as to whether the move will be the right choice and what will life be like after London?
Terraced Houses and blured "Black Cab"in Clapham ,London. (Long exposure)

Recently we had a family approach us keen to make the move but not 100% convinced about leaving the London lifestyle behind. The husband was a born and bred Londoner and was keen for reassurance that Buckinghamshire would offer everything he already enjoyed and more. So we asked the couple to make a list of their positives and negatives to try and help with their decision making process.

The positives were:

  • A bigger home with off-street parking
  • Good sized garden
  • Lower crime rate
  • Schools – outstanding state primary schools, excellent private schools with huge grounds and a choice of highly regarded grammar schools
  • Horizontal living as opposed to tall narrow Victorian townhouses
  • Access to green space, woodland walks
  • Country pubs
  • Cycling/horse-riding/golf/sporting facilities
English private residence in Notting Hill

And the negatives were:

  • Longer commute to work
  • Less choice in terms of restaurants, bars and socialising
  • Fewer theatres/cinemas/art galleries
  • Getting settled and established within a new community – will I feel at home there?

Once the couple had written down their pros and cons it was easier to see a clearer picture – there were more pros than cons but now we needed to address the concerns to make sure that life after London would be a success.

Commuting times are essential when it comes to making the move. We often have clients dreaming of a character home with grounds and the reality of the commute puts the brakes on the dream quite quickly.

At Chiltern Relocation we know that proximity to a good station is essential for many of those moving out of London and we have a fantastic record of finding homes close to the station yet down a private road or a leafy cul-de sac so that the feeling of being in the countryside is not compromised.

View our commuter train times map here

Windsor long walk in sunshine

In terms of less choice regarding restaurants and cultural opportunities it all depends where you look!  The market towns of Bucks and Berks offer a fantastic range of independent award-winning restaurants and the larger family friendly chains. The jewel in the crown of making the move has to be the huge range of excellent county pubs on the doorstep with the accompanying country walks. 

Although we do not have the West End on our doorstop many of the larger theatres in High Wycombe and Aylesbury preview the productions before they head to the big smoke or indeed after a West End run (at a fraction of the price!). Smaller theatres in Windsor and Chesham also showcase excellent independent shows which are well worth seeing.

“Getting settled….will I like it!?” It is a big leap into the unknown but if you have done your research regarding best areas, commuting times, leisure facilities and schooling options then the rest will fall into place. We often find that our London families are initially taken aback as to how friendly and welcoming they find the local community but soon realise that – although a greater sense of community was not originally on their ’pros list’ – it is the surprise extra that has really made the move such a success.


If you are thinking of embracing life after London and would like some advice regarding the best area for you and your family don’t hesitate to get in contact on – 01494 672086 or email

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