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Looking beyond the bricks – is an ugly house really a deal breaker?

House hunting often comes hand in hand with hopes and dreams. The investment in bricks and mortar is also an emotional one as we search for our forever home or the house that will encapsulate the lifestyle that we have always aspired to. We create a wish list of must have’s and set about the search with hopes high.

With emotions at play and set ideas as to what we are looking for it often means house hunters are disappointed with what is on offer. Depositphotos_19176281_xs

At Chiltern Relocation we understand the need for your home to reflect your personality and match your wish list. However we also know that a lot of the barriers to a successful home search are just cosmetic. Many houses lack ‘kerb appeal’ – 1960’s rectangular boxes, clapperboard or pebbledash fronted, or A-frame houses, which look identical to the rest of the street. Many people see these issues as such negatives that it stops a proposed viewing in its tracks.

But is an ugly house really a deal breaker? With some vision, expert advice and not a huge amount of money these houses can be transformed. House frontages can easily be painted (the cheaper option at £15 per square metre) or given a lime render, which would cost around £75 per metre and would totally transform the house frontage.

Replacing old style or plastic windows with modern fittings will also give the house a huge lift. Get rid of add-on porches or cladding. Old style ‘wavy’ roof tiles are also aging and ugly. Retiling the roof with slate or modern tiles will change the exterior beyond recognition. Simple well thought out planting can also make a huge difference.

Houses that lack kerb appeal will also lack interest from other buyers, meaning that you can potentially snap up a bargain. With a little investment in time, concept, money and emotion you can transform your home and add considerably to its value.

Lindsay Cuthill, a director of Savills estate agents, believes giving an ugly house an exterior makeover can add 10 per cent to its value.

So don’t let an ugly home stop you and your dreams in their tracks – look beyond the bricks. Seek advice from architects approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects ( and speak to The Federation of Master Builders ( who can help with suitable builders.

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