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Looking for a Property Finder? Essential questions to ask.

Struggling to find your ideal home or even any home that fits the bill? Thinking of getting a property finder on board? There are many relocation agents/home search specialists/property finders out there but how do you know which one is right for you? Finding your ideal home is a personal journey and it needs to takes into consideration the many different needs of each member of the family. Here is our guide to asking the right questions to make sure you get the right relocation agent on board for you.

Here are the questions you should be asking your property finder/relocation agent:

• How well do you know the area we are interested in – what have you bought there recently?
• Which area would you advise with our budget?
• Why are you more qualified than high profile relocation competition ?
• What percentage of your purchases are off market deals?
• What connections do you have with architects/surveyors/solicitors/builders?
• How good are you at negotiation?

• Have any of your previous clients been in a similar move situation?
• Can I speak to one of your previous clients about the service provided?

Additional Knowledge

• What knowledge do you have about schooling?
• Can you help with finding school places?
• Do you offer advice on cleaners/gardeners etc?

How they work
• How many other clients are you working with at the same time?
• What happens if I get to hear about a property before you do?
• What aftercare do you give?
• How much research do you do per day, per property search?
• Do you also find land?
• How much do you charge and when do you invoice for payment?

It is worth speaking to a number of agents before making a decision as you will be spending a lot of time with your property finder so you need to make sure you feel you can work well together.

If you would like some guidance to answering the above questions or have any further questions, speak to Chiltern Relocation to find out more about our home finding and relocation service. Please do contact us on 01494 672086 or email

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Sharon Hewitt

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