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Making the move out of London – our survey results

  • 12th February 2016

Chiltern Relocation has conducted a survey to find out why our clients want to make the move out of London to this area of the Chilterns.

Many couples and families approach us in search of a different lifestyle but are unsure as to where to settle and whether it will be the right move for them and their family. Everyone asked listed the same reasons for the move:

  • green space
  • less traffic
  • calmer lifestyle
  • better value for money
  • good sized garden
  • better and more accessible schooling

However as well as the ‘plus points’ there were also concerns – these included:

  • adapting to a town or village lifestyle rather than being in the bustle of a big city
  • lack of cultural influence such as West End theatres and cinemas
  • leaving friends behind and establishing a new social circle
  • longer commuting time
  • fewer shops and not having High Street brands on the doorstep

So for those who decided to make the move how did they weigh up the gains with the concerns?

Orientation Day

Many clients have very set ideas in mind when starting the search process – often seeking the rural idyll of a character house with good sized garden in an enviable town or village location. However after some in-depth research as to why the move is important we often find that the search brief evolves considerably.

Many families are not always fully informed regarding schooling choices, catchment areas, commuting times or simply the best locations. Chiltern Relocation accompanies all our clients on an Orientation Day to familiarise them with the area and housing options. Our survey has helped us focus upon any concerns which could become stumbling blocks if not properly addressed.

Unexpected gains:

As well as fulfilling their wish list of reasons to make the move, many clients in our survey noted that there were some unexpected gains to moving out of London – of most note was the sense of community. All our clients said they were made to feel instantly welcome and found that there was a vibrant inclusive community with so much to offer young professionals and those with young families. One couple commented: “we were made to feel at home straight away by the wonderful sense of community – this was something we had never experienced in all the years we lived in London”.

If you are thinking of making the move out of London and have a similar ‘wish list’ and ‘worry list’ then do get in touch and Chiltern Relocation will answer your questions.

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