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Family move from Toronto to Henley on Thames without viewing the property in person

The Initial Enquiry

We were approached by a Canadian family wanting to relocate to central Henley with a tight budget. However the family would be unable to visit to undertake viewings in person so we would need to fully understand their bried in order to make the decisions for them from across the pond.

How we helped

We sent detailed reports of visited properties and used Skype to discuss their reactions. They wanted a small central flat but our excellent local knowledge and realisation of their needs (family and working space and provision for cats) called for some diplomacy skills. We steered them towards a less attractive house 10mins from Henley but with excellent living space and local community with other young children. On arrival the family have been very grateful that we understood their needs better than they did themselves.

The Problems we faced

In a word – cats! It is very tricky to secure a good rental option with pets in tow as not all landlords will agree to including a ‘pet clause’ whereby it is up to the tenant to remedy any damage caused by the pet. The fact that the cats would be coming too meant that our viewing options were somewhat reduced.


Despite being unsure as to the the location of the property being just outside central Henley and its slightly less attractive exterior, the family fell in love with the rental. They appreciated that we had perfectly matched their needs and requirements with this property.

“We were relocating from Canada to the UK and were very lucky to ask Chiltern Relocation to help us. We had a difficult task on our hands – we needed to find a house to rent in Henley-on-Thames remotely. We wanted it to be close to our son’s school in town, yet be spacious and have a nice backyard for him to play. It also had to allow pets. We were not very familiar with the properties in the area and were extremely nervous to make the wrong choice. It was an important relocation for us and we wanted to have a positive first experience.

We put our trust in Chiltern Relocation. We met her on an earlier visit to the UK when we were considering property options for our move to the UK. We understood early on that she was the person who not only knew the property market, but also had long established relationships with the realtors. She made us feel very comfortable by showing personal interest in our unique situation and making sure that she understood our needs. In fact, it was Sharon who wisely advised us against buying a house in our first year. We followed their lead and are very happy with the outcome. She knew us so well that she could see the right house for us even before we did. The house we ended up renting and now like very much did not even make our personal “top three” list.

Chiltern Relocation has a talent for finding properties for people. They seem to do it effortlessly and with confidence. They also skilfully navigated our rent negotiations and completed the required registration papers for utilities and council tax. Because of Sharon, we were able to pick up a few good insights about living in Henley. “They truly made our transition a much richer experience”.

Mr and Mrs P
Sharon Hewitt

Sharon Hewitt

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