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What do you need to prepare for a Relocation Day?

Preparing for your Relocation Day

When engaging a relocation professional the most exciting part has to be the start of the viewing days. Once the brief has been taken as to all the requirements for the move, the research has been done and the schedule finalised it is time to get out and actually see some properties. Although a lot of the work is undertaken in advance it is important to prepare well for the actual Relocation Day in order to make the most of it.

In terms of practicalities we would advise:

Wear comfy shoes and shoes which are easy to put on and off as many home owners prefer visitors to remove shoes at the door. While viewing many properties is can get tiresome tying and untying shoe laces! Or if it is a new build with brand new carpets then plastic overshoes will be provided but these don’t work well with  heels!
Bring your camera/camera-phone – viewing multiple houses in one day can mean it is hard to remember certain details.

Bring your passport – if you are looking to rent a property then you will need to provide this for the Right to Rent checks.

A tape measure and a mental note of your furniture. Do you have a dining table or piano or other key items of furniture that you particularly love and will it fit in the house? A tape measure in your pocket can be very handy to have along with a note book.

A Relocation Day will maximise all opportunities to view areas and properties and can therefore make for quite a long day. Make sure you have packed any essentials or favourite snacks to keep you going!

In terms of non-practical elements:

  • Try to remain open minded at all times during the viewings and not make a snap decision at the outset. No combination of house, garden and location is perfect so there will always be a compromise somewhere – be flexible with your thoughts when viewing.
  • Be adaptable on the day. The Relocation Day may have changes to the schedule as properties are let overnight or if something new has come to the market that day which can be added to the viewing schedule.
  • Always ask questions – no matter how trivial they sound. It is important to really drill down into the house and the area.

If you head out on your Relocation Day with the practical elements taken care of and keeping an open mind to all that you view then you will certainly make enormous progress with your relocation.

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