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Nova Scotia Canada to Bayswater London

  • 18th September 2019

Moving from Canada to Bayswater

The Initial Enquiry
We were contacted by a serviceman in the Canadian military who was being relocated to London. He needed to be close to University College London where he would be studying Naval Architecture. Given his current location of Nova Scotia much of the groundwork needed to be done from a distance.

How we helped
In order to assist with the move from a distance we took a detailed brief of his needs and then discussed his preferences over a SKYPE call. During this time we were able to narrow down preferred areas and what he was looking for from the move. One key part of the move was finding a rental property that would accept dogs – two of them in this case. Being a dog lover the accommodation needed to offer outdoor space and proximity to parks but also be close enough to UCL so that he could study and get back quickly to attend to the dogs.

The Problems we faced
British people are known for being avid dog lovers however this love of animals does not always stretch to rental properties! Renting a house with a pet is not impossible but it certainly created additional challenges. The number of landlords who were open to dogs within their rental house was minimal so it meant that we had to not only find a dog friendly rental but one that would match all the other criteria. In these situations an additional ‘pet clause’ is drawn up in the rental agreement whereby the tenant agrees to pay for any damage caused by the pet and will leave a greater deposit amount as a guarantee.

We secured a property in Bayswater (in Bark Place no less!) which had a great garden and easy access to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park for daily walks with his pooches.

Thank you, thank you, we really did not know how challenging it would be moving with dogs, we are very grateful for your help!

Sharon Hewitt

Sharon Hewitt

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