Chiltern Relocation


School focused search from Boston to London

The Initial Enquiry

Chiltern Relocation received an enquiry from Mr & Mrs K who were looking to relocate from Boston with their three children. We understood that getting the right school and a safe environment for the children to play outside were key elements of the search and were integral to the success of the family’s relocation.

How we helped

Chiltern Relocation started by searching and viewing schools.  With three children in different school years we needed to conduct a lot of research to find spaces in one school for all three children.  Once we found a suitable school in Beaconsfield and secured places in all three year groups: Reception, Year 3 and Year 6, we focused on finding a family home within it’s catchment area.

The Problems we faced

As Mrs K was based in Boston she was unable to view the properties in person so we took photographs of the shortlisted homes and sent them to her so she could join the search from afar. Chiltern Relocation identified over ten suitable properties and viewed them with Mr K. We regularly contacted Mrs K with updates to make sure she was fully involved.


Mr & Mrs K were delighted to find the perfect family home within walking distance of the childrens’ school. They moved in just in time for the start of the new school year and we were present to ensure that the house was left in good condition by the previous tenants. We also provided the family with guides and recommendations on services so they had all the local information at their fingertips.

Sharon was excellent. Using her deep knowledge of the area she was able to find the right house options to fit with the available schools and was masterly at getting all the pieces to come together. The result is a family that were immediately happy with the house and the kids with the schools! If we were asked if you were to do it all again, would you use Chiltern Relocation? Then the answer is yes!

Philip Cooper

Philip Cooper

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