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Relocating Senior Management back to UK, have you considered Transition Coaching?

Transition Coaching

What do you want from your new executives or ones returning from expatriate assignment? Given the challenges of a new beginning, immediate evidence of integration, strategic effectiveness and confidence in the new job is almost an impossibility.

Do you have:

• A new-hire who needs to be up to speed quicker than is realistically possible?

• An executive returning from expatriate assignment, about to experience the culture shock and disappointments of re-entry to head office or home culture?

• A senior manager newly promoted internally who you want to support for 100 days?

Transition coaching helps people recognise the phases of transition and teaches them to act in ways that make their changeover successful. Other forms of coaching do not touch on these issues.

Our Transition Coaching brings many benefits:

•It halves the time normally taken to become effective in the new post. • It enables the new manager to be strategic after 3-6 months instead of 12. • It increases their clarity of vision, communication and challenges. • It encourages improved coaching and leadership skills in dealing with own team • The manager integrates and builds trust more speedily in the new environment.

The challenge of change and new beginnings:

New beginnings do not gather momentum until people can identify with their new surroundings and what is required of them. The new beginning means a new identity, a new context a new reality. Companies pay thousands of dollars to hire a new executive – and stand to lose it all if things go wrong or the family is unhappy. The new executive wants it to work so has their own needs and anxieties, but these often get lost as they support everyone else through the process, the team at work, their family at home or both.

Transition Coaching supports senior managers on a short-term basis as they deal with the uncertainty of the new.

Why is it successful?

Our transition coaches have undergone relocation, led change or instigated transitions themselves, so they know the challenges and how to support people in overcoming them so they can be optimally effective.  Working through the transition with a coach, enables participants to be successful, have time to process challenges, the implications of the changeover and pay attention to their own needs. This means the job, the individual and the home-life benefits, so the relocation can succeed.

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