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Relocating staff where do you start?

lady in suit shaking hands with whit shired manHelp! I need to relocate a Team Member – where do I start?

We often get calls from HR departments or PA’s who have been tasked with the role of moving a company executive and often their family. Given the complexity of finding accommodation, a suitable commute and potentially schools places this is not an enviable task! So where to start? Surprisingly, not by looking at housing options just yet…..


Find out what budget you are working towards so you can get a feel for what is available and manage expectations of the relocatee. Often, we have clients from America expecting walk-in-wardrobes, basement gyms and large open living space only to discover that the budget does not buy a similar standard in the UK.

Classroom with boy raising his had for the teacherSchools

Are schools a vital part of the move? Does the Team Member need to live within a certain catchment area for schools? Does the Team Member have primary aged children and needs to think ahead to consider secondary school options to avoid another move? Whilst primary schools are widespread the choice of secondary schools is narrower meaning this decision is a big one.


Once schools have been considered into the equation, where does the team member wish to be based? If the chosen relocation area is quite wide then try to narrow down the search to a few key areas to avoid a scattergun approach. At Chiltern Relocation we research the best areas which will suit the commute (taking into consideration time taken to get to the train station and if parking is available at that station) and then cross reference the schooling before starting the house hunt.

Viewing Schedule

Now that the area and schooling options have been narrowed down it is time to hit the property search websites. If looking for a rental property be mindful that the market moves very fast so what was available last week (or even yesterday) is unlikely to be available this week. Try to line up a range of options within the brief so if one property falls through then you have another previewed option which also fits the bill. Space the viewings out well over the course of one or two days in geographical areas remembering to factor in travel time between properties and the all essential pit stops! Try to twin the housing visits with the appropriate schooling options in that area and book in school tours too.

Viewing Day

employee relocation oxfordshireFor all rental propositions the Team Member will need their essential documentation with them to comply with the new Right to Rent checks. We often like to put in a ‘wild card’ on the Viewing Day if we feel there is an interesting option that the relocatee had not considered. This also helps to focus the mind for decision time! Make sure the Team Member takes notes of each property to avoid them blurring into each other. It is also a good idea to rank the properties in order of preference to focus the mind and it means there is a list of potential options if the preferred property has already been secured by another house hunter that morning.

If you would like further assistance moving a Team Member or for Chiltern Relocation to take care of all of the above then do get in touch on 01494 672086 or email or visit our website here

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