Chiltern Relocation


Relocation from The Cote D’Azur to Oxfordshire

The initial enquiry

Came from the HR department of a global aerospace company needing to relocate their employee and family close to their Oxfordshire base. The couple had two children: a daughter aged five who would need a school place and a son aged 2 who would require a nursery place.

How we helped

The couple were keen to find a property that had 3/4 bedrooms and we researched a number of options in the area surrounding Oxford. Over two Viewing Days we viewed 11 properties in a wide range of villages including Woodstock, Cumnor and Witney. The couple fell in love with a house in the village of Witney as it had plenty of space for their young family in addition to proximity to excellent schools and with just a short commute to work.

The problems we faced

We had one major obstacle with this search – a school place. At Chiltern Relocation we pride ourselves on offering the full package – not just finding a house. On the Viewing Days we showed the couple three excellent local schooling options and they submitted their request in June for a school place in September. Given the timing of their relocation we explained that they had missed the official deadline for a school place and we would need to wait to hear from the council. On receipt of their application the couple were notified that their request would not be processed until mid September at the earliest thereby leaving their daughter without a place at the beginning of the school year.

Desperate for their daughter to start school at the correct time they asked for our help. We contacted the shortlisted schools and found out that one school was allowed to handle their own ‘in year’ admissions. The school governors were meeting the next day and the school year ended the day after that so we needed to get documentation to them that afternoon.

We called the clients in France and helped them submit the necessary forms. The school asked about language ability and they explained that their daughter spoke no English. We waited nervously for their response.


We heard the next day that a Year One space had been granted to their daughter with the promise to help her get up to speed in English. A nursery place was also found nearby for their son. The family were able to pack up their Nice home knowing that the house, school place and nursery place were all taken care of allowing them to focus on the new job role in the UK

Thanks a lot for all the help you provided! Our daughter is happy to go to school even if English language is hard to catch, our Son is really happy at the nursery and my husband is happy with his new job so we are more than happy.
We had excellent service, with Chiltern Relocation’s knowledge and school information. We would definitely recommend your company – thank you.

September 2016