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Results show High Wycombe tops the list of commuter town potential

An article written By Bea Patel, TLE Property Editor and Director of Shop for an Agent

Dated 21st March 2016

If it’s time to make the move out of London and get on the property ladder, you may need to consider moving to one of the commuter towns that sit in, around and outside the greenbelt. With the average deposit needed to buy a place in London now at £91,000, many buyers are priced out of the market.

It’s possible to live outside the city where property is more affordable and commute to work in the Capital. Making calculations to find out which commutes are the shortest and how they measure up to property prices and season ticket costs can be tricky.

A commuter hotspots tool by compares average house prices in various orbital towns with commute times to discover the best places to live for those considering a move out of the city. Information is in an interactive map, so you can visually compare your commuter options and discover the best town for you.

Results show High Wycombe tops the list of commuter town potential – average house prices are £346,197 and commute times is as low as 30 minutes. Also in the top ten were Woking, Staines, Amersham and Gerrards Cross. At the other end of the scale, Bishop’s Stortford with lengthy commutes props up the league table.

Top ten towns

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Moving out of London should improve quality of life. If investing in the city is out of reach, it’s possible to find good value and convenient commute times in the same place.

There are also other factors involved in making a life changing decision like this. The map lets you compare your preferred destination with others to see how it measures up. This could help you narrow down your search and present areas you may not have considered previously. See the commuter hotspots 

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