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The rise in family relocations

We are seeing a trend for more corporate clients relocating families rather than young professionals. It would appear that many of the major blue chip companies are choosing to relocate ‘middle management’ which invariably means that there are children involved in the move. So if you have been asked to move with your family what challenges and benefits lie ahead?

A happy family talking through the computer with video chat1) Schooling is the obvious challenge. If opting for private schooling it is a case of availability within the desired year groups and in some cases the child will need to sit a test or attend an interview. If you are opting for the state system then finding a school that you like is one thing but finding out if there are spaces and within catchment is quite another! Many of our clients move to the Buckinghamshire to benefit from the grammar school system but this involves a rigorous test whether at 11+ and for other year groups. We have vast experience in finding the right schools – and school places – as we understand the importance of matching the child to the right school.

young child in a paking box smiling2) Social Life is another challenge. Those families moving with young children find it very easy to settle in given the huge range of activities on offer for youngsters and bonds are quickly formed at the nursery or primary school gates. However for those moving with teenagers it is vitally important to make sure that the move is ‘teenager proof’. By this we mean that there is access to football or dance or horse riding or whatever pastime they love in order to help the move go smoothly. We would also look to relocate families with teenagers in a location close to shops and cafes where they can meet friends or with good transport links rather than a rural location.

3) Establishing a new rhythm for all the family is also something that can be a challenge. From the daily commute to finding your preferred shops to navigating your way around a new area. We always recommend that families carry out some research before the move to really hit the ground running on arrival. Younger children can create a scrapbook of places they would like to visit and older kids can research gymnastics classes or golf courses or tennis clubs in advance online.

Finding friends with similar interests and outlook also takes time and effort. However by immersing yourself in the new location and carrying out your research in advance of the move can pay dividends. Many towns have their own pages on Facebook or Netmums etc so getting in touch with people this way before the move can help answer some of the many questions you will have on arrival.

View of London, UK houses of parliment thames and london bridge

Once you have overcome the initial hurdles there are of course multiple benefits to a family relocation. If you are moving closer to London then the huge range of cultural activities on offer will mean great day trips to London museums and theatres. The same goes for other major cities. Whatever the reason for the move there will always be challenges but a good relocation agent will know how to make the move go as smoothly as possible and will offer ongoing support after the move.

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