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Schooling is often the driving force behind so many of our relocation enquiries.  Families who haveClassroom with boy raising his had for the teacher preschool children in London soon come to realise that the London schooling system is super competitive and pressurised and if their child’s name is not down on the waiting lists as soon as it has been born then they are already behind in the great schools place race.

We receive many enquiries from families in this situation given that Buckinghamshire is a particularly popular county for schooling. There are 13 selective grammar schools in Bucks and competition is high to win a place at one of these excellent schools. However there is the small matter of passing the 11+ Transfer Test and the need to be within catchment to gain a place at one of these schools.

So here are our five top tips for clients wanting to move for schooling:

1)      Keep your options open. It is risky to map out your child’s schooling path aged four as your child will change and develop at different rates

2)      Look ahead and consider it as a fourteen year investment – seven years in primary and seven years in secondary so location, location, location, is important

3)      Move to a location whereby you are close to a selection of schools or close to bus routes to a range of schools so you know you have options

4)      Don’t just rely on OFSTED reports or rule out schools not classified as ‘outstanding’.  Schools are constantly evolving and changes to head teachers and staff will often change an OFSTED rating

5)      Visit schools, ask lots of questions and get a feel for the school ethos yourself

Once you have narrowed down school options then you can start your home search mindful of catchment areas and entry criteria.  Chiltern Relocation has secured many school places for our clients in both state and private sectors and gone on to find perfect family homes within catchment.

If you would like to make the move for schooling and you would like some help with your school search please contact us on 01494 672086 or email



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