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Seven top tips on relocating to a rental with a pet

How to Move to Rental Accommodation with a Pet
Golden Springer Spainiel with tennis ball on grass

We recently helped a family moving from Singapore to Reading with their 9 year old cocker spaniel. We knew it would be no ordinary relocation as finding a rental property that will accept pets can be very challenging but there are ways to help make the process smoother for both you and your pet.

In the first instance we would recommend getting in touch with a pet relocation company who can help arrange transport, supply travel containers, assist with customs clearance, provide shippers certificates, arrange quarantine and also any veterinary assistance as required. There are a number of companies that offer this service, here a few:

Once you have organised your pets relocation, finding a rental property which will allow your four-legged friend will be the next hurdle. Landlords on the whole will prefer not to have pets and will choose a pet-free tenant in preference. This is due to:

  • Need to repair any damage caused by the pet. This can include claw/scratch marks to wooden floors and doors, skirting boards. This type of damage is time consuming to repair and it and will mean a longer void period between lets.
  •  Gardens may need ‘dog-proofing’ meaning potentially ugly fencing and also garden lawns and flower beds may not have escaped pet digging/messing etc!
  •  The pet may disturb the neighbours which could cause complaints and difficult relations.

However it is possible to try and win over a landlord to consider your pet:

  1. Speak to the letting agent about your pet in advance and give as much detail as possible: breed, size, weight.
  2. If you send a picture that often helps too. In some cases a reference from your previous landlord with a dog/cat reference can help too.
  3. Agree to the inclusion of a Pet Clause in the contract whereby you are responsible for any damage incurred by your pet.
  4. Offer a higher deposit (two months as opposed to six weeks) as a guarantee that you are committed to care for their property.
  5. Offer a pet clean at the end of the tenancy. These professional cleans ensure the tenant will have the property sprayed/fumigates for flea infestation and have all carpets professionally cleaned on move out.
  6. Pet owners typically stay in a rental longer because it can be harder for them to find other pet friendly options.
  7. Finally, Animals can help reduce stress, a stress free tenant is a happy tenant = happy Landlord!

Golden cat sunbathingWhen we were instructed to help our Singapore clients relocate with their dog we sourced over 30 suitable rental
propositions in Reading. However only 8 of these would accept a pet, vastly narrowing down their options. Of the houses we did see, some were very tired and not of the quality the couple desired for themselves or their spaniel!

Undeterred we secured viewings on properties which originally stated that they would not accept pets but with the promise of the pet clause and pet clean we were delighted that they accepted our offer.

If you require any assistance moving with your pet please do call us on 01494 672086 or email


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