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Ten Things you learn when you move out of London

Ten Things you learn when you move out of London (Written by one of our Ex-London clients).
1. People smile back at you when you pass them in the street and shopkeepers will smile and talk to you

Two women talking in crowded city street

2. Neighbours are keen for you to feel part of the community and not just wanting to know how much you paid for your house/car/extension

woman with hand around hear tring to hear

3. You can drive 3 miles in 3 minutes not 3 miles in 30 minutes

Lady driving while scratching head stressed

4. Doctors have appointments available and run (mostly) on time

Doctor talking to Mum and child

5. Pace off life is less frenetic – people will finish their sentence and not take a phone call when talking to you

People busily eating breakfast late

6. Your garden is your sanctuary and not your bike and bin storage area

English garden in summer with furniture

7. Kids can be kids and can enjoy plenty of outdoor space to let off steam

Child playing with sprinkler in sunny garden

8. Plenty of access to clubs and societies for kids and adults. No more queueing at 6am with hordes of other parents to ensure your child gets into this terms swimming class.

A group of people standing in the queue, isolated on white

9. Parking. You can park. Easily and without the fear of it being an expensive daily headache in terms of parking meters or parking tickets

woman looking at parking paying meeter

10 And finally copious amounts of FRESH AIR – Need we say more?

lady looking over hills and blue sky with arms open

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