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The 11+ Effect

How much is a home near a top grammar school worth….especially in Beaconsfield?
Recent research has revealed that a top state secondary school adds an average of £21,000 to house prices in the local area. However this figure is in stark contrast when looking at the premium added by living within catchment of Beaconsfield High School.  Houses in this area are commanding a staggering £483,000 or 154% premium over prices across the county according to the report.

The study named Beaconsfield High School – where 75% of all students’ grades in recent GCSEs were A or A* – as the school that added most to local house prices and the town as the least affordable place for local people wanting to get their children into the school.

This figure is put into context when compared to the second highest premium in percentage terms (Bishop Vesey’s grammar in the West Midlands at a premium of 79%) and the national average of an 8% premium to property prices in surrounding neighbourhoods in order to live next to one of the top 30 state schools.

Of course just living within catchment is only part of the entry criteria.  Passing the all-important 11+ exam which Year Six children sit at the beginning of September is the key to winning a place at one of the coveted Buckinghamshire grammar schools.
So is proximity to Beaconsfield High School the only reason why the house price premium in Beaconsfield is the highest in the country?  Of course parents want to be within catchment of the top grammar but looking at the bigger picture there are many contributing factors to why

Beaconsfield continues to demand a high premium: Ease of commute into London is one of the main drivers for families relocating to the area with train times of just 25 minutes into London Marylebone.  Excellent state and private primary schools which are feeder schools for Beaconsfield High School as well as the boys grammars Dr Challoner’s in Amersham  and The Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe.
Beaconsfield also offers a diverse and popular high street with the big name supermarkets (Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and M&S), café’s, restaurants and variety of clothing retailers in new and old town Beaconsfield.
Proximity to green space, woodlands, the River Thames for boating enthusiasts,  the National Trust gem Cliveden and a plethora of sporting facilities on the doorstep.

So if you are looking to move to Beaconsfield don’t be surprised at the house prices when compared to other towns…now you know why you will be paying over the odds but also what the rewards will be for securing a home in the country’s highest house price premium town.
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