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The Rise of MAMILS in Bucks

Weekends in Bucks are being taken over by MAMILS!

Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn they are there.  Where has this epidemic sprung from? And is your husband or partner one of them….
For those of you not in the know, MAMILS stands for ‘Middle Aged Men In Lycra’ and the sport of choice to wear said lycra is cycling.  With the Tour de France passing through England this year the passion for the sport has hit new highs.  Wherever you turn at a weekend you see a mini peloton of cyclists out for their weekly ride.
The cycling bug is so engrained for some that they are prepared to move house to be close to the ideal cycling terrain.  Chiltern Relocation recently had a client who wished to relocate to Buckinghamshire purely for the cycling.  His wish list was quite specific:  to be close to sufficiently graded hills for the uphill sections of his riding, to have a wide variety of set cycle routes within easy reach and to have the ability to start his cycle rides from his front door.
Chiltern Relocation thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and set about researching a number of excellent cycling websites to find the greatest concentration of routes within Bucks.  The Chilterns focused website: (Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) has a fantastic range of recommended routes including maps of varying distance and difficulty.  The national cycling website ran by Sustrans also provides excellent route planning and advice for cyclists of all abilities.

We showed our client a property in Weston Turville a picturesque village close to Tring and Wendover and just 10 minutes from Aylesbury centre.  It ticked all the boxes for his cycling requirements in addition to the ability to commute easily into London for work. He put in an offer straight away, secured the purchase within a short timeframe` and is now part of a fantastic cycling community.
Chiltern Relocation was delighted by the outcome and has enjoyed learning more about the cycling passion shared by all these MAMILS!
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