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At Chiltern Relocation we work with HR Departments from a wide range of companies from global corporations to local businesses so we understand the differing requirements for corporate clients. Time and budget constraints can often make the process more challenging in addition to international time zones. Follow our top ten tips for a smooth Corporate Relocation.

1. Know the time frame for the move
Corporate relocation is often a fine balance of finding a property which fits time constraints. Be clear as to when the client needs the property and/or when their lease expires on their temporary accommodation.
2. Compare Relocation Companies
Just as homeowners have plenty of choice when moving, so do corporate companies. However, you need to compare all the options. Choose a relocation company with the right mix of services, the right price, a reputation for excellence and who has won awards for their service.
3. PaperworkVisa Application is currently PENDING.
Before commencing the search be sure that the employee has all the necessary documentation at the ready. If they require a visa to travel get that in place in addition to any work visas required. New ‘Right to Rent’ laws also require that tenants are present with their passport.
4. Schooling
If school places are needed make sure you know if they want state or independent, co-ed or single sex. Are places available in their preferred schools and are there schooling options nearby for when the children are older.
5. Commuting
Find out how far the assignee is prepared to commute and whether they would prefer to live within walking distance to a station or if they prefer to live in a more rural location and drive to the station.
6. Ongoing Reporting
Make sure that the relocation company keeps managers and decision-makers fully informed at all stages of the relocation process via ongoing reporting. This way there won’t be any unforeseen surprises.
7. Relocation Assistance
Be clear as to the relocation allowances offered by the company. Set clear budget limits including additional costs such as council tax and utilities. Know how much time your employee can commit to the search – how much time off will they need off for property viewings and for the move. This will also assist the relocation agent.
8. Negotiation
Negotiating all parts of the lease is essential. Does the property include a part time gardener for example? Signing a lease agreement and agreeing all the terms can be a lengthy process and getting it right is key.
9. Additional Services
If you are relocating an employee from abroad or if you’re hiring someone new to the area, be sure that the relocation company provides additional assistance. Orientation services, culture awareness training, driving in the UK lessons, guide to healthcare in the UK – amongst other services offered – will ensure that the move goes smoothly.
10. Temporary Housing
If the time constraints of lease agreements prove to be challenging look for serviced accommodation for a short-term solution. These apartments provide an excellent base.

If you would like further information regarding our Corporate Relocation service please do contact us on 01494 672086 or email

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