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Top Ten Stress Busting Tips For Moving House.

Thinking of moving this Summer?

1.  Start to research desired areas – go onto local web forums to get a feel for different towns. Make friends with the estate agents – they can give you advice on areas to focus on as well as areas to avoid

2.  Get to grips with commuting options and train timetables at your desired locations. Be sure that the trains run at the right times and at the right frequency before considering a move to that area.

3.  Check out the catchment areas for schools. This may not be relevant for your current circumstances but houses in catchment for good schools are sold at a premium and sell quicker.

4.  Consider moving into rented accommodation during your search. This will save you the stress of trying to tie up a sale and a purchase and put you in a much stronger buying position.

5.  Have a clear out at home – there will be less clutter for house viewings and your removal costs will be lower.

6. If you find a home you like, check out the county council website and check whether there are any outstanding planning permissions on the neighbouring houses that could affect the property you are going to buy.

7. When you find a potential house, go and visit at different times during the day to check traffic noise levels or whether there are any parking concerns.

8.  If you are looking for flats the optimum floor level is level one. This reduces the risk of burglary and it appeals to both young and old for the resale.

9.  Always have a full structural survey. This can seem expensive initially but could save you thousands of pounds. Often when the surveyor picks up issues you are in a position to negotiate the cost back from the vendor

10. Trust your instincts – if a property seems too good value for money then there is will reason for this!

And finally – good luck!

If you need help finding your perfect home, get in touch for further information as to how Chiltern Relocation can take away the stress at: or call 01494 672086.

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