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A Walk Through WW1 Trenches in Marlow

A Walk Through WW1 Trenches in Marlow

If you are keen to experience a slice of history in addition to a great walk then look no further than the quintessentially British village of Bovingdon Green near Marlow. Marlow on bright sunny day with buntingNot far from the picturesque village green you will see and walk where the troops undertook trench digging in preparation for service at the Western Front.

The site at Pullingshill Wood contains the best and most complete set of training trenches left in the UK and plays an important part of recording the history of that time. There are about 1400m of trenches dug about 2m deep and 2m wide, by troops from the Grenadier Guards and local people. It is likely that the Grenadier Guards, Welsh Guards, Royal Engineers and Royal Army Medical Corps, who were all billeted at the nearby by Bovingdon Green Camp, trained in the trenches during 1915 and 1916, in preparation for going to the front lines.

Many training camps were set up in 1914 and 1915 to give the new recruits good skills and morale before setting off. Many features such as machine-gun posts, fire-bays and forward trenches have been identified here at Pullingshill Wood.

The trenches are in good condition and their pattern can be followed today despite natural infilling through soil and leaf litter build-up. There are also a number of rope swings in the trees for children to enjoy whilst following the course of the trenches.

If after experiencing history you need some refreshment, The Royal Oak in the village is a destination in itself. The highly acclaimed pub offers walkers great food and drink and dogs are welcome in certain areas and of course are welcome in the lovely pub garden.

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