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When is the Right Time to Downsize?

Are you looking to downsize and dread the thought of going up into the loft to clear out years of accumulated ‘treasures’?

Downsizing hits us all at a certain stage in our lives and the triggers are generally:

red sign on a white background with house concept of downsizing

• The cost to run a large house becomes too much when only 40% of the house is being used
• The house needs redecorating again which will involve great costs in both time and money
• The garden is getting too much to manage
• Desire to be closer to shops/Dr’s surgery and not rely on driving everywhere

And making such a big move does come with a number of concerns:

• Where to move to/leaving behind neighbours
• Having the time and energy to sort out years of accumulated ‘stuff’
• Being able to present the house in a good condition ready to sell
• Having to deal with estate agents, especially if you haven’t moved for a number of years

Moving from the family home can be an emotional strain and quite rightly if you have shared many happy memories there. It is not a decision that is taken lightly but when weighing in the worries make sure to plot the positives:

• Freeing up money to enjoy on travelling or hobbies
• Minimal house maintenance
• Moving closer to restaurants/social amenities
• Lower monthly bills
• Easy to lock up to go and spend time visiting family and friends

red sign on a white background with house concept of downsizing

The most popular option for downsizers is a modern or relatively new build smaller house or apartment. These can offer a small garden or well-maintained communal gardens and are often found in central locations close to local amenities. It is a big decision whenever it comes in life – many enjoy taking the decision quite early in order to free up some cash and to enjoy many active years of travelling whereas others wait until the house and garden have become too much to maintain. Whenever the decision is made one thing is a given: opting to downsize will lead to a more stress-free lifestyle and time to enjoy a new chapter in your life.

If you would like further information to help you downsize please do call Chiltern Relocation on 01494 672086 or email

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