Chiltern Relocation


Whistle-stop relocation to Windsor from France

The Initial Enquiry
We received a call from the PA to the Director of a major French household appliances company who needed help relocating the General Manager of the company to their Ascot base. The call came in on 18th December with a view of moving to the UK within a number of weeks.

How we helped

The remit for the search was for a two bedroom flat with a 12month rental term and preferably situated on the Windsor Castle side of the town. The client wished to relocate to the UK by the beginning of January and with Christmas fast approaching we needed to pinpoint which apartments fitted the criteria, were available for viewings and which worked for the tight timeframe.

Problems we faced
Given the time of year and the need to ask current tenant’s permission for viewings we foresaw that we may struggle to see as many apartments as we would ideally like for the viewing day. However, we were delighted that we were able to access all of the thirteen shortlisted apartments.

We conducted viewings from 10am until 3.30pm and our client selected his preferred option. Chiltern Relocation then handled the lease negotiations and we were delighted to secure a reduced rental rate on the property. Newly enforced ‘Right to Rent’ checks followed and the lease was signed on 4th January – just two and half weeks from the original phone call and over the festive period. He moved in just a short time after on 15th January and is now enjoying Windsor life! We were delighted to receive the following testimonial from the General Manager:

‘I was very impressed with the efficiency and service provided by Chiltern Relocation’. This email to let you know that we had a great time yesterday with your consultant. Thank you very much for the organization in such a short time and for the quality of Chiltern Relocation’s work.

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