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Why Rebrand your Business?

This year marks Chiltern Relocation’s 10th year in business and we wanted to take this opportunity to rebrand and logo1design a fresh new website to convey how we as a company had evolved over the past decade. When looking into the drivers behind our decision there were five main reasons that a rebrand was needed:

1) Our message had changed over time. When we started out we essentially focused on private client business. Whilst private clients are still a core part of our business, corporate relocations have boomed over the last ten years with a far greater number of companies moving employees internationally. As a result our message needed to encompass both sides of our business.

2) The audience we were aiming at has changed significantly. We are now dealing with a wider range of clients from all over the world and from hugely differing personal situations. We needed our rebrand and our new website to reach out to staff movement managers, HR departments and relocating companies in order to get the Chiltern Relocation message across succinctly . We need to effectively target the audience who really need our help to: find that off market home; win a sealed bid, or to negotiate an excellent rental agreement. Our audience has less time available and needs to know that we can cover 100% of their move.

3) Technology and the way we access information has changed beyond recognition in the past decade. Websites now need to be fully ‘responsive’ on all devices. Clients access our website on their mobiles or tablets whilst on the go and our website needed to reflect this change in consumer behaviour. Business and social Media connectivity are now essential icons on websites as more businesses turn to social media and blogs and vlogs are also becoming increasingly popular. The technology of our website needed to accommodate these changes and be forward thinking.

4) Image. It is said that when buying a home 90% of people will decide if they like it within the first few seconds of entering the front door. Similarly potential clients will decide whether your company is for them within seconds of landing on your website. Your home page needs to be inviting, easy to navigate, uncluttered and able to deliver your brand and personality immediately. Images are essential and many websites favour a greater use of pictorial content over written content to fully convey their message.

5) Adaptability is key in preparing for the next ten years. When redesigning the website we wanted to the ability to be reactive to any future changes and to be able to make any necessary changes ourselves. We have learnt basic coding in order to fully manage our website and change or add content. We want to be responsive to change and create a fully interactive forward thinking website ready for the next decade.

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Sharon Hewitt

Sharon Hewitt

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