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Will ‘FaceTime’ Property Viewings be the norm?

At Chiltern Relocation we view a lot of homes on behalf of clients, who, for various reasons, are not able to view the homes themselves.  We take photos, compile detailed reports and often schedule Skype calls to discuss the properties ‘face to face’.

However we recently took out an American client who was charged with the role of finding a family home in Windsor on behalf of his family Stateside.  Keen to include them in the whole decision making process the client ‘Face Timed’ his wife as he walked around the properties.
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It was fascinating to witness his reactions followed by her reactions.  She ‘followed us’ around the homes via the clients tablet and was fully involved at all times – even asking us to back track to certain rooms and to check the provision of white goods etc.

The viewings took longer than normal as there was the occasional loss of signal, and going round family sized gardens via a tablet took longer than you would imagine!

So is this the future when it comes to international house viewings? Or indeed could it easily become the norm for couples who simply find it difficult to agree a time when they are both free to view properties?  Is it possible to get a real ‘feel’ of a home through a tablet screen though?

In this instance it was a successful undertaking as the husband clearly was able to know what would be important to their family and the wife was able to assist.  Whether or not relocation agents would be able to convey the process and emotional reactions to a property via tablet is a question for our ever evolving technological age.

At the end of the day, not everything can be done via technology and there is nothing better than getting a first hand sense of what ‘feels right’.  But for those who are not able to experience these things first hand then maybe Face Time viewings are the way we are heading.

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